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Nutrigenomics is a modern science that studies the link between your DNA, nutrition, and health. The cutting-edge research in this field makes nutrigenomics the new cornerstone in personalized health.

It’s easy to get started with Alumia – just use your kit and mail your saliva sample back to our lab. Our team of expert geneticists and nutritionists will take it from there.

Why DNA?

Meet Labcorp, the world’s best laboratory

Your DNA is in trusted hands. We’re proudly partnered with Labcorp®, the global leader in genomic and medical diagnostics. Over 50 years of state-of-the-art expertise is behind the lab handling your DNA.

Labcorp is fully CLIA-certified (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988) and CAP-accredited (College of American Pathologists).


Personalized DNA insights

Your DNA report includes over 20 key health categories covering your body’s needs for the essential nutrients along with your diet sensitivities and lifestyle tolerances.

Quickly unlock answers to living a healthier life paired with the right vitamins – learn how your genes can impact the way your body absorbs, transports, and utilizes nutrients.

Results at warp speed

We move at warp speed – once we receive your saliva sample, your DNA report will be ready in just 3 days.

It can take weeks for other companies to test your DNA since they collect hundreds of thousands of genetic markers. However, we will never share or sell your data so we don’t target any more markers than absolutely required.

Precision targeting

Our focus is singular: your health matters. We operate with precision by targeting 80 genetic markers in your DNA to search for variants.

Every marker is backed by strong evidence from landmark nutrigenomic studies. Any markers linked to fringe studies or debatable evidence are ignored.

Did you know?

78% of Americans possess a variant associated with an increased occurrence of Vitamin D deficiency.

According to a study from the CDC, Vitamin D deficiency affects over 40% of Americans. This can lead to health issues that include decreased immunity, brittle bones, poor muscle function and accelerated cognitive decline.

Knowing if you have this genetic variant is a first step to getting the Vitamin D your body needs each day.

Everything starts with ‘EVE’

The Enhanced Vitamin Engine (EVE) reads your DNA and lifestyle insights – then analyzes 67 million vitamin combinations to find 1 perfect vitamin plan for you.

EVE was developed by a renowned team of doctors, geneticists and nutritionists with decades of clinical research and in-patient experience.

State-of-the-art pharmacy

Your vitamin packs are made in a clean room in our state-of-the-art medical pharmacy. A pharmaceutical grade machine will collect & sort your vitamins into convenient daily packs.

Our machine is 99.9% accurate since it was made for high-volume hospitals. To get to 100% accuracy, every order is checked by a certified pharmacist.

Get your tailored health plan today

<strong>Alumia Vitamin Starter Pack</strong>
Alumia Vitamin Starter Pack
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DNA Test Kit + FREE 1st Month Vitamins
  • Saliva-based DNA home test kit
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  • DNA results in 3 days
  • CLIA-certified & HIPAA-verified lab
  • FREE delivery
  • FREE first month supply of personalized vitamins

After your FREE, first month, you will be billed monthly for your vitamin subscription. Plans start between $30 -$50/mo. Easily adjust, pause, or cancel your plan for free, anytime.

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