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Endless choices on the supplement aisle. The latest influencer fads. A global pandemic. Life is already complicated and stressful. But taking care of your health by getting the right vitamins doesn’t have to be.

Let us give you a peace of mind for your health. At Alumia, we leverage nutrigenomics which studies the intricate relationship between your DNA, nutrition, and lifestyle. We’ll consult the only expert that truly knows what your body needs – your own DNA.

What makes you unique?

Each of us has 3 billion base pairs in our DNA sequence. Most of the time (about 99.9%) the order of these base pairs is the same from person to person.

But sometimes there are random changes in your DNA sequence, known as variants. The combination of all your variants makes up the 0.1% difference that makes you unique.

At Alumia, we test your DNA to search for variants: specifically, variants that impact the way your body responds to nutrients, and how your body reacts to certain diet & lifestyle choices.

Healthtech meets vitamins

Modern health tech has truly evolved. You can now discover the vitamins you truly need based on cutting-edge genomics, not guesswork.

Simply use your kit and mail your saliva sample back to our lab. Then get your full DNA report and personalized vitamin plan in just 3 days.

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Results you can understand

You don’t need to be an expert to understand your report. We translate jargon from nutrigenomic studies into easy-to-understand insights.

Improve key health goals like your immunity, energy, sleep, digestion, fitness & more.

Cutting-Edge Science

Achieve Your Health Goals

Take your personalized vitamins

We’ll tailor the perfect vitamin plan based on your DNA and lifestyle. Your vitamins come in convenient daily packs, made with care in our medical pharmacy.

Easily adjust or cancel your monthly plan for free, anytime. Your 1st month of vitamins is free!

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Your privacy is no one’s business

You are 100% in control of your genetic information. We will never share or sell your data. Period.

Our CLIA-certified lab partner is Labcorp®, the global leader in medical diagnostics. Your sample will be destroyed after it is sequenced by Labcorp geneticists.

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<strong>Alumia Vitamin Starter Pack</strong>
Alumia Vitamin Starter Pack
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DNA Test Kit + FREE 1st Month Vitamins
  • Saliva-based DNA home test kit
  • Prepaid return postage envelope
  • DNA results in 3 days
  • CLIA-certified & HIPAA-verified lab
  • FREE delivery
  • FREE first month supply of personalized vitamins

After your FREE, first month, you will be billed monthly for your vitamin subscription. Plans start between $30 -$50/mo. Easily adjust, pause, or cancel your plan for free, anytime.

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