You expect results. We deliver.

Like most people, we’ve tried supplements from all sorts of brands. And despite being patient, we never felt any better. We’ve now learned why other brands failed us: they used low-quality ingredients and weak dosages.

At Alumia, we formulate our products differently: we maximize bioavailability by using potent dosages of the highest quality ingredients. You’ll actually feel the results.

Next-Generation Personalized Vitamins

Your personalized vitamins are formulated by an expert team of nutritionists, geneticists and chemists. We only use non-GMO & all-natural ingredients. Most of our products are also organic, vegan-friendly and free of major allergens – check out our vitamins for details.

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No gluten, lactose or wheat
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No Artificial Colors, Flavors or Fillers

We believe in transparency

We’re proud of our products – that’s why we openly display the Supplement Facts on every vitamin page. We believe in transparency and will never hide the label or give opaque answers if you ask what’s in your vitamins.

After all, your vitamins were made to be the very best – the most potent, the most bioavailable, the most impactful in living a healthier lifestyle. So why hide all that? Check out our vitamins and see for yourself!

Meet our Vitamins

We believe in ethical sourcing

Formulating the best vitamins requires sourcing the best ingredients. Unfortunately, we’ve learned that not every great ingredient comes from a great place.

That’s why we only partner with trusted suppliers who commit to ethical and sustainable harvesting practices. They don’t compromise their values in delivering the highest quality, and neither do we.

Sustainability at Alumia

Made & tested in the USA

We manufacture our products domestically in FDA-registered, GMP-certified, and NSF-certified facilities. This means we follow strict federal standards in creating your vitamins.

Third-party tests are conducted by American labs that specialize in the chemical & biological testing of supplements. They also follow all FDA, GMP, and NSF standards.

Meet our Vitamins

Did you know?

Our Panax Ginseng is sourced from Korea and only contains ginseng roots at least 6 years old

We source our Korean Panax Ginseng from native farmers who honor the traditional and sustainable method of harvesting: they only harvest ginseng roots at least 6 years old.

The older the root, the higher its medicinal value due to the higher concentration of ginsenosides (the active medicinal compounds in ginseng).

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