Morning & night packs

Every month we’ll send you a fresh supply of vitamin packs: one morning pack & one night pack per day. Our Enhanced Vitamin Engine (EVE) will formulate the best pill combos that maximize bioavailability and efficacy.

Your vitamin packs are ultra-convenient: just tear one open and take your vitamins with water. Bring them with you to your desk, nightstand, or on the go – you’ll never have to miss out on your nutrition again.

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Biodegradable plant-based film

Your daily vitamin packs are made of biodegradable plant-based film. Natural wood fragments are collected, pulped, and turned into the transparent cellulose film that holds your vitamins.

Biodegradable packs are the eco-friendly evolution of traditional vitamin bottles. They save local landfills from leftover bottles made of thick non-biodegradable plastic.

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State-of-the-art pharmacy

Your vitamin packs are made in a cleanroom in our state-of-the-art medical pharmacy. A pharmaceutical-grade machine will collect & sort your vitamins into convenient daily packs.

Our machine is 99.9% accurate since it was made for high-volume hospitals. To get to 100% accuracy, every order is checked by a certified pharmacist.

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Reusable vitamin dispensers

A certified pharmacist verifies every order of vitamin packs, which are conveniently organized in a recyclable & reusable vitamin dispenser.

After your first month, feel free to opt-out of receiving a new dispenser if you prefer to reuse your existing dispenser. Then simply opt back in whenever you need a new one.

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<strong>Alumia Vitamin Starter Pack</strong>
Alumia Vitamin Starter Pack
Save 70%
DNA Test Kit + FREE 1st Month Vitamins
  • Saliva-based DNA home test kit
  • Prepaid return postage envelope
  • DNA results in 3 days
  • CLIA-certified & HIPAA-verified lab
  • FREE delivery
  • FREE first month supply of personalized vitamins

After your FREE, first month, you will be billed monthly for your vitamin subscription. Plans start between $30 -$50/mo. Easily adjust, pause, or cancel your plan for free, anytime.

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