Own your health

Life in today’s world can often be hectic. Poor immunity and high stress are always a concern. Even daily functions like sleep, energy, and digestion can be easily disrupted.

Take greater control of your health. Get a tailored vitamin plan that will action on your health goals – and even change as your health changes.

Understanding your goals

Everyone has different health goals – age, diet, and lifestyle are all factors. That’s why you’ll also receive a lifestyle & health goals questionnaire that will help us understand your unique situation.

This assessment was created by certified nutritionists and naturopathic doctors dedicated to helping people improve their health. It’ll be just like visiting your local naturopathic clinic.

Everything starts with ‘EVE’

The Enhanced Vitamin Engine (EVE) reads your DNA and lifestyle insights – then analyzes 67 million vitamin combinations to find 1 perfect vitamin plan for you.

EVE was developed by a renowned team of doctors, geneticists, and nutritionists with decades of clinical research and in-patient experience.

We specialize in results

We’ve listened to stories from our families, friends, and customers. Weak immunity, joint pain, low energy… the list is long. That’s why we created 14 Specialties to aggressively target and improve key areas.

Based on your DNA & health goals, EVE will consider if any of these Specialties are right for you. They contain highly bioavailable & potent botanicals scientifically proven to support your health.

Get your tailored health plan today

<strong>Alumia Vitamin Starter Pack</strong>
Alumia Vitamin Starter Pack
Save 70%
DNA Test Kit + FREE 1st Month Vitamins
  • Saliva-based DNA home test kit
  • Prepaid return postage envelope
  • DNA results in 3 days
  • CLIA-certified & HIPAA-verified lab
  • FREE delivery
  • FREE first month supply of personalized vitamins

After your FREE, first month, you will be billed monthly for your vitamin subscription. Plans start between $30 -$50/mo. Easily adjust, pause, or cancel your plan for free, anytime.

Limited Time Only

Have more questions about Your Goals?

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