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Heart's Desire

Super Garlic

Cardiovascular Health Cardiovascular Health
Digestion Digestion
Immunity Immunity
Liver Liver
  • Supports cardiovascular and heart health*
  • Supports immune health*
  • Supports digestion*
  • Support upper respiratory tract health*

Our Formulation Science

Our heart-helping Super Garlic formula is so potent that two of our tablets are equal to a whole head of garlic’s active nutrients. Our potent formulation is also infused with a blend of cayenne, ginger, and onion extracts for extra immune-boosting power.

What Sets Us Apart

Our capsule contains over 9 mg of Allicin and Alliin, and are the most potent compounds in garlic for longevity. Unlike other supplements that are standardized for only Allicin, ours includes other powerful sulfur compounds such as scordinin, diallyl sulfides, and ajoene that are heralded for their antioxidant benefits.

What the Research Says

Garlic has been touted and used in traditional medicine for centuries because of its various sulfur compounds, capable of promoting heart health, blood pressure, immunity, digestion, liver health, and upper respiratory tract health.

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