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Max Relax

Cognitive Health Cognitive Health
Stress Stress
Mood Mood
  • Supports mood and stress*
  • Helps reduce emotional and muscular tension*
  • Supports cognitive health*

Our Formulation Science

Our Max Relax Complex was specially formulated to support a healthy response to stress and tension, both emotional and muscular. Our formula contains a potent blend of relaxation and mood-promoting ingredients for daily stress management and cognitive health support.

What Sets Us Apart

Our stress solution encompasses a unique combination of powerful plant extracts that have been extensively researched for anxiety relief. We blended Valerian Root, Griffonia, and Lemon Balm Extract to create a superior calming formula for ultimate relaxation.

What the Research Says

Stress and tension – whether from work, relationships, or other daily lifestyle factors – can prevent quality relaxation and lower your mood. It’s important to be mindful of your cognitive health and establish a healthy routine of self-care, relaxation, and stress management.

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