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Inflammatory Response Blend

Liver Liver
Strength & Fitness Strength & Fitness
Joints Joints
  • Supports a healthy inflammatory response*
  • Supports joints and muscles*
  • Supports liver function and health*

Our Formulation Science

Our Inflammatory Response Blend contains a unique spectrum of botanicals (including Phellodendron Amurense and Boswellia) targeted to support a healthy inflammatory response within the body. Our formulation is also infused with other bio-enhancing botanicals that support joints, muscles, and liver function.

What Sets Us Apart

It is uncommon to discover Phellodendron in other related supplements in the market. Phellodendron has been used for centuries in ancient Chinese medicine to induce a healthy response towards swelling and stiffness. Phellodendron is a rare herb in the industry given its slow growth and manual labor, making our blend a truly unique formula.

What the Research Says

For many individuals it can be important to promote a healthy inflammatory response within the body following exercise and other possible lifestyle factors. There is strong scientific evidence showing how botanicals such as Phellodendron Amurense and Boswellia can aid in this regard.

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